Henrique Polido
Henrique Polido

Hello! I am a Brazilian and I take pride in being a diverse engineer. Worked with on-line community managment, game development, web programming, robotics, embedded systems, mathematics, databases, cyber security, big data & cloud development.

I take pride in always improving myself, and learning more about the world. My greatest acomplishments comes from deconstructing what is out there, and building something new.

My main interests are in Robotics. It is a nexus of mathematics, game development, and human interaction.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Bachelor in Computer Science
Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences
Brown University Robotics Competition
Team leader and organizer
WPI Scheduler
Lead Programmer
Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC)
3rd place winner
GMod Tower
Lead Programmer
Internship + Full Time
DARPA Robotics Challenge
Programming Boston Dynamic's Atlas
NASA Centennial Challenge
Sample Return Robot Challenge
NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge

2014 - 2016

Teams have to build a robot with autonomous capability to locate and retreve specific sample types from various locations over a wide terrain and return those samples.

Our team was composed of members over all the country, meeting weely over the internet, each member completed individual taks to complete the challenge. While the robot was in development, a simulation was used to testing, and later ported to the real robot.

The robot operated on OpenCV, Point Cloud Library, Qt, Kinect v2, Gazebo, and Box2d. It was able to localize, avoid obstacles, plan trajectories, find the samples, and return to the base station.

Microsoft Azure

2014 - 2016

The Azure Analytics team worked on the ingestion, and processing of data of several other teams in Azure.

Worked with the interval versions of Data Lake and U-SQL, developing a data profiler tool that scans hundreds of terabytes of data, to find potential data quality issues, find correlations between tables, and improve the ease of exploration of our data to other developers.

While in contact with Microsoft Research, worked on anomaly detection, and clustering tools. Allowing other developers to find potential problems in their services.

DARPA Robotics Challenge

2013 - 2014

The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) is a competition of teams developing robots capable of assisting humans in responding to natural and man-made disaster. The goal of the DRC is to design a robust robotic system that has mobility and dexterity in disaster zones, the ability to use tools designed for humans, and supervised autonomy.

Worked on challenges over a wide range of fields. From computer science subjects, such as software design, 3d rendering, computer networking, linux managment. To robotics topics, such as quadratic programming, inverse kinematics, inverse dynamics, trajectory optimization, and computer vision.

Technical Report

WPI Scheduler

2012 - 2013

Using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), developed a tool to help students find course schedules. The application is a complete web based client-side only application. On load, the user loads a javascript file, and downloads all the course information and from there choose their necessary courses and discover any conflicting period times.

The project involved over 70,000 lines of Java code, in which GWT compiles to Javascript once ready. Using GWT gave the team great advantage for collaboration, since it allowed us to use all of the great tools on Eclipse, such as code refactoring, exploration and revision management.

Source code
Live product

Brown University Robotics Competition


Lead a team, found a sponsor, and developed a small robot for IEEE 2012 Brown University Robotics Competition. The team created from scratch the robot circuit board, a 3D printed chassis, and the robot AI for traversing the maze.

The robot has over 10 sensors, 2 wheels, and controlled by a Maple LeadLabs, LCC© board. For testing the efficiency of the maze searching algorithm, a Java application was developed.

Thank you Philips for sponsoring the WPI team.

ACM Chapter President

2011 - 2012

President for the Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) chapter at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Responsible for bringing speakers from outside companies and hosting events for the computer science department.

Over the year, we got into contact with Google, Microsoft, Kayak, MongoDB, Dyn, VMWare, Dell and Vistaprint. The chapter also helped with students, giving presentations on different topics, such as GDB, Vim, Go, Javascript, Linux, etc...


GMod Tower Lead Programmer

2007 - 2010

A unique multi-player experience, with activities ranging from playing minigames, solving puzzles, building your own apartment, communicating with friends. GMod Tower started in late December 2006 as one of the most ambitious ideas to come to the Source engine. It later went through three different sets of development cycles/teams until finally becoming to fruition by a handful of just four.

The four man team was comprised of MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, Henrique "Nican" Polido, and AzuiSleet. Development of the GMT you knew and loved was done from early October 2008 until its first public release on July 2009.

The release was an incredible success. From all across the globe, GMod players battled to join and play GMod Tower upon its first two launches weeks. In just a couple hours after the release, our website hit a total of 2 million unique hits and our server was getting queried by 30,000 unique GMod players. It was one of the most talked about and impressive launch.

Now the project is over 300,000 lines of code, mainly in Lua, but also including PHP, JavaScript, C#, C++. Over 80,000 unique players, and the server is funded purely by the community. The project involved managing a community, administrating the servers against attacks, and developing new features for the players.

Video made by Yogscast. Over 1.2 million views!